Volunteer Guide

Essential Documents for Volunteers

Welcome to the great adventure of Girl Scouting! Thanks to volunteers like you, generations of girls have learned and will learn to be leaders in their own lives and in the world.

The Volunteer Guide and Safety Activity Checkpoints are references that you will use throughout your Girl Scout journey, especially if you are a troop leader. If you are a volunteer through another Pathway such as Event, Series, Camp or Travel, these documents will also be relevant.

Think of the Volunteer Guide as your encyclopedia to Girl Scout volunteering: it’s here when you need it, but there’s no need to read it all today. Take your time and use the Quick Start Guide to begin.

Think of Safety Activity Checkpoints as a preparation guide for any activity with girls. This introduction will help you understand how the checkpoints work so that you can fully utilize the information and tips when participating in any activity.

Volunteer Guide English (Digital Publication)

Volunteer Guide Spanish (PDF)