Volunteer Spotlight

Dorothy Schoenberner
A Shining Star for Girl Scouts

In Crofton, Nebraska, you can’t mention Girl Scouts without people thinking of Dorothy Schoenberner! Dorothy started volunteering with Girl Scouts almost 36 years ago when her eldest daughter’s troop needed a leader. Dorothy thought about quitting when her youngest daughter graduated from high school twelve years ago, but she just couldn’t do it. She currently has a Daisy, Brownie and a Junior troop.

In addition to her troop leadership, Dorothy has helped organize and execute dozens of service unit events and day camps. She remembers one camp many years ago in Bloomfield when the adults practiced camp evacuation (in the event of severe weather). Dorothy explained that no matter how much you “practice,” when it is midnight, pouring rain, there are sleepy girls and you can’t see the correct car to get into, it just never goes according to the plan you put together in the light of day.

Pam Sukup, Membership Specialist, told us, “Dorothy is one of the most caring and giving people I know. She always has a smile and positive words. She always has an idea for a craft project and the supplies to go with it and makes sure her girls have the opportunity to experience camp.”

Dorothy has also been the service unit cookie manager for many years. Vicki Hanus, Product Program Specialist, has worked with her for the past twelve, and has seen Dorothy grow personally through the experience. “She has moved from doing everything on paper to learning the computer program and ordering Crofton’s cookies online!,” Vicki said.

Dorothy credits her long career in Girl Scouting to the support she received from her three daughters and her husband. In the span of time that she has been involved with troops, Dorothy says that one particular memory remains with her. It was also something that was a topic of conversation at her recent birthday party: Years ago at an event, a girl was running with candy in her mouth. Dorothy noticed that something seemed strange and immediately put the girl on her lap and pounded on her back. The candy, which was lodged in her throat, came right out and the girl started breathing again. The family credits Dorothy with saving their daughter’s life.

Fellow Service Unit member and leader, Jeanne Young, who has worked with Dorothy for nine years summed up Dorothy’s dedication with one statement: “Dorothy still sleeps in a tent at camp and has been helping girls to make the world a better place for more than three decades!”

Dorothy Schoenberner IS a shining star for Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska and this young woman just turned 70. Dorothy, you are a wonderful example to all!