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10 Ways You Can Be Brilliant with the Fall Product Program!


Learn 5 Essential Skills

The Fall Product Program is an amazing introduction to running a business. When girls participate, they earn more than just patches and incentives, they gain hands-on experience that helps them succeed in the future (the 5 Skills aren't just for cookies).

1. Goal Setting

2. Decision-Making

3. Money Management

4. People Skills

5. Business Ethics

6. Earn Awesome Incentives

Girls love getting the super cute incentives, as much as we love giving them! Great patches, a Chevron Moon Chair, Bluetooth speakers, jewelry, plush Koalas, GoPro video cameras and even a chance to design a personalized Koala patch! Here’s a sneak peek as this year’s swag.

7. Start Building Troop Funds NOW

It’s a long time until our 2017 Cookie Program and there is too much cool stuff to do right now! Earn start-up money to fund Troop activities, buy supplies, do community service projects and get the year started right!

8. Sweet, Sweet Products

There are so many scrumptious products from which to choose, including Peanut Butter Bears, Dulce De Leche Owls, Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins, nuts of all types, Hot Cajun Crunch, Fruit Slices, a Girl Scout Tin with Mint Treasures and a Snowman Holiday Tin with Caramel Treasures. We can’t wait to taste all these yummy treats!

9.  Selling Products Online Is Easy

Signing up for the online sale is easy. Just click here to register and set up an online site to offer popular magazines, photo keepsakes and nut/candy items. Girls can easily share the link to their online site with family and friends near and far!

10. All Girl Scouts Can Participate!  

Not in a Troop? Or in a Troop not participating? You can still be involved! Any Girl Scout can earn incentives by participating in the Fall Product Program. To get started, just fill out this intent form. Are you a Troop that wants to jump in? Fill out this form!

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Get more information here. If you have questions, please contact our Product Program Team.