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STEAMing into a New Girl Scout Year


Girls across the state began their Girl Scouting year with a big bang as they dove into the world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).

Hundreds of girls learned about the STEAM disciplines through hands-on activities that included:

  • extracting DNA from their cheek cells
  • using crime scene investigation tools to solve a mock mystery
  • coding with Google representatives
  • experiencing virtual reality
  • learning the science of hockey with Lincoln Stars players
  • enjoying an explosive science show featuring pops, bangs and dazzling flashes 
  • performing fun experiments with museum curators, archeologists and college professors

Girl Scouts has a long history of encouraging girls to participate in STEM. The first badges – “Electrician” and “Flyer”– were introduced in 1913. STEAM adds the “A” for artistic expression.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute’s study “Generation STEM,” there is a correlation between exposure to and girls’ interest in STEM. While 81 percent of girls say they are interested in pursuing STEM careers, only 13 percent say it is their first choice, and half feel that STEM isn’t a typical career path for girls.

Girl Scout programs encourage girls to think critically and engages them in age-appropriate, leadership-building activities that make STEAM relevant and fun. Getting girls involved in STEAM activities develops other attributes such as motivation, work ethic, curiosity, patience, confidence and a desire to make the world a better place.

Throughout the year, girls will continue to explore amazing STEAM opportunities as they work with scientists, build apps, discover the wonders of a solar eclipse, hone public speaking skills, improve the world around them and have tons of fun!