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Chyna Goes to Japan


As children, we are told to make wishes on dandelions, stars, and birthday candles. I won’t lie and say I used those wishes on traveling internationally—in fact, I used the majority of them to wish for ponies and puppies—but having the opportunity to travel to Japan didn’t come to fruition because of wishes. With support, dedication, and a large amount of generosity, I am soon going to be traveling to Japan with Girl Scouts.

When the Girl Scouts reached out to me, they encouraged me to sign up and told me that financial aid was available to help me and my family afford this trip. I immediately started to fill out the application and thankfully, with the help of Alisha Epp (Girl Scout Program Specialist), I received financial assistance. I am most thankful to have Alisha in my life!

After we got the news, my mother and I sat down and talked about what needed to be done to pay for the rest of this trip. I started working two jobs to be able to contribute as much as I could in order make this come true. With each check we sent, the more of a reality this trip became. When Girl Scout Cookie season came around, I knew that selling as many cookies as possible would be crucial. In the end, we sold over 700 boxes of cookies. Each box was able to count toward my trip.

Through this journey of working to make my dream a reality, I learned that paying it forward can make an incredible difference in someone's life. I am incredibly thankful to all the people who contributed to this trip. Without the support from my mother, Alisha Epp, Lisa Hiatt, Fran Marshall, some additional generous donors, and countless others, this incredible opportunity would not be a reality.

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Editor’s Note: This Girl Scout travel opportunity was in part made possible through the generosity of Girl Guides in Omaha’s sister city, Shizuoka, Japan, located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. While on this adventure of a lifetime, the girls will also visit Tokyo with stops along the way in Kyoto and Hiroshima.

There are many girls like Chyna who dream of taking such a trip and may not have the resources. Supporting our travel programs is another way you can make a difference in the lives of girls.