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Record-Setting Cookie Program


We celebrated 100 years of selling cookies, debuted a popular flavor, gave away a new car and supported 10,000 Nebraska girls, who built confidence, learned essential life-skills and exceeded their cookie-selling goals.

We are proud to announce girls sold a record-setting 2,041,308 boxes of cookies this year in the state; an increase of 11 percent over the 2016 program.  

“Customers generously stepped up, but it is the girls who made it happen,” said Fran Marshall, our CEO. “In Girl Scouting, they learn how to innovate and create opportunities, and they demonstrate these leadership skills during the Cookie Program—the largest girl-run business in the world.”

Each year, girls whose efforts result in cookie sales of more than 1,000 boxes become members of an elite group aptly known as the 1000 Club. This year, 105 girls met the challenge and reached or exceeded that milestone, and 611 of you sold between 500 and 999 boxes! Look for complete 1000 and 500 Club lists in the next issue of the JG magazine.

Hanna Van Cleave of Omaha was the state’s top selling Girl Scout, and at 5,903 boxes, she also set a record for most cookies ever sold by one girl in one cookie season in Nebraska.

Our customers should also feel very proud because when they purchase Girl Scout Cookies, they make an important investment in the girls and their community. Troops use their proceeds to fund activities throughout the year. They take field trips, attend camp programs, travel to other parts of the country and the world, and develop projects to improve their communities.

Here’s a fun infographic that tells a colorful story of the 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program. Enjoy!

2017 1000 Club