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Where in the World is Juliette?


Juliette Gordon Low (the flat version) embarked on a great adventure last summer with Papillion Troop 41901.

Each girl created her own, unique Flat Juliette, who then became their travel companion. Whether the girls visited a local pool or journeyed far from home, Juliette joined them!

Flat Juliette – and her Girl Scout guides – explored the natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park and marveled at the great monuments of Washington D.C. She delighted in Disney World’s rides and revisited her birthplace in Savannah, Georgia. She tried to stay dry while kayaking and earned a Junior Ranger badge from the National Parks Service.

When school started, Juliette packed her bags and headed to other states and countries, via the U.S. Postal Service! She’s sending photos back to her friends in Papillion as she attempts to visit every state in America and every continent on the planet.

Check out Flat Juliette’s escapades in our Flickr gallery.

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Flat Juliette Adventure

Get a pattern to make your very own Flat Juliette in the Winter Juliette Gazette, coming soon to your mailbox. Then, email your photos and we will add them to our photo gallery!