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Camporee FAQ: Who can go, what to bring and where to go!


You and hundreds of other Girl Scouts are getting ready for the Wild About Nature Camporee, June 1-3, in Nebraska National Forest at Halsey. You’re making SWAPS, creating kaper charts, and packing your tents.

And, you have questions. Lots of questions! Let us help you with this handy list of frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Is the tent cost per person, per site, or per tent?
The fee is $18 per tent, which covers both nights. There are no restrictions on how many people you can have in each tent. Note that the fee is for the tent site only. Campers must provide their own tents.  

2. Are there showers at the facility?
Some cabins have bathrooms, others do not. For the cabins without bathrooms, and for the tent campers, there is a bath house with eight shower stalls. With the large number of participants attending the camporee, we anticipate that these will be in high demand, so please plan accordingly. In addition, there will be several portable toilets near the camping area.

3. How will we have access to water?
There is access to drinkable water through a faucet on the field where the tent camping will take place. Be sure to bring something to carry your water in.
4. How should we prepare our food?
Cooking on a gas, charcoal, or propane stove is recommended. Campers must provide their own stoves. Cooking on wood is not allowed due to regulations set by the facility. You may NOT bring in your own wood. As a reminder, the camporee takes place within the Nebraska National Forest.

5. Can we bring food and drinks into the cabins?
To discourage rodents or other small creatures, food and beverages are not allowed in the cabins. If you are tent camping, keep food stored in sealable containers and keep the containers in your tent or in your vehicle.

6. Do we have to have to Camp Out Basic training to attend?
A camp-trained volunteer is highly suggested, but not required, as this is a council-sponsored event and there will be staff available. We recommend reviewing the excellent, short, outdoor skill-building videos on our website.

7. Where will the tents be set up?
Tent camping will be on a large, open, grassy field. Drinkable water is available from a faucet on the field. Portable toilets and a bathhouse, with shower stalls, will be within walking distance.

8.  Who can reserve the cabins?
Cabin camping is reserved for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scout groups only.

9. Can we bring our own fire wood?
No. This is a forest service regulation.

10. Who can come to the camporee?
ALL attendees must be current, registered Girl Scout members, and ALL adults must have a successful background screen completed before attending.  Tag-a-long siblings, including infants, are NOT allowed.

11. What food will be served with the meal plan?
We will receive the menu from the facility about a week before the event. Menus will be placed in your information packet, handed out upon arrival. We can accommodate food allergies or dietary needs, but require notification at least two weeks prior to the event.

12. Is there electricity in the cabins?
Yes, there is electricity available in all the cabins. The tent camping area, however, does not have access to electricity.

13. Should we bring SWAPS?
Yes, there will be girls from all over Nebraska coming to this event so definitely bring some!  

14. Will there be campfires each night?
Yes, we will offer campfires each evening, complete with songs and s’mores for all participants.

15. What activities are available?
There will be a variety of activities offered, including horseback riding, archery, crafts, hiking, square dancing, and more. A detailed agenda will be provided at check-in, in your information packet.