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Investing in Girl Scouts Leads to Big Win


Girl Scout Cadette Gabbi Anzalone won first place in the statewide InvestWrite Stock Market Essay Contest sponsored by the Nebraska Council on Economic Education. She wrote this article sharing her experience.

It was mid-November and I had just been assigned a 400- to 900-word InvestWrite essay by my business teacher. The prompt was: “If a nonprofit organization asked you to manage their money, how would you help it grow and protect it from risk?” It also asked what nonprofit organization you would choose to support and why. I immediately decided to use Girl Scouts as my nonprofit organization because I am an active member of Girl Scouts, and I believe it is a good, character-building program. Also, as a member of the Prairie Hills Girl Scout Advisory Group (GSAG) troop, I see how Girl Scout programs can impact the lives of younger girls. The main point of my essay was diversifying investments to ensure the safety of money.

Fast forward to late March and I’m in keyboarding class when my teacher announces that we have a surprise in the exploratory room. When we arrived, we saw the entire eighth-grade class gathered in the room. A newspaper reporter, a stranger, a bunch of cookies, and many eighth-grade teachers were also there. I was very confused. Then my business teacher went up to the front of the room and started talking about the InvestWrite essay. At this point, I didn’t even remember that I wrote this essay four months prior. The stranger went up and introduced herself as working for the business association that sponsored the essay competition. She said that there had been a statewide winner. My name was called, and in utter confusion I stumbled up to the front of the room. It was then announced that I had won a check for $50 and the right to go through the cookie line first. I was very excited about this since a bit of extra money is always nice, and cookies are quite the treat.

In April, there was an award luncheon at the Nebraska Champions Club in Lincoln. I got out of school, along with my business teacher and some other students who had won a stock market game, and we were off. The food was great, everyone got a T-shirt, and I got a medal. It was a very great experience.

It really didn’t even hit me while I was writing the essay that it would be entered in a competition. I just did a bit of research and tried my hardest. Business classes are fantastic opportunities, even if you don’t plan to go into something business related, because you will be able to apply everything to your life later on. Girl Scouts also models the standards of teaching things you will be able to use in your life. I believe both are great opportunities that can improve your future.

Gabbi’s essay:

The Importance of Diversification

The nonprofit organization I would want to work for would be Girl Scouts of the USA. This company works on youth, female empowerment. Their mission is “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place”. These are core values that I believe in.  Girl Scouts would support several organizations. They would use a couple different kinds of bonds, funds, and stocks that are appropriate for Girl Scouts.          

If I were to work for Girl Scouts of the USA, managing their money, I would take several measures to ensure the safety of their wealth. I would invest some of the money on treasury bonds, agency bonds, low-risk municipal bonds, mutual funds, in a high interest earning bank, and in stocks that are certain to be around for a while.          

I would invest in treasury bonds because there is relatively no risk on not getting your money back, because it is backed by the government’s taxing authority. Typically, treasury bonds earn the lowest amount of money back. Although if an economic decline occurs, you are much safer in having a treasury bond, than a higher earning bond.          

I would invest in agency bonds because they are for other federal agencies. A couple of the most common federal agencies that use agency bonds are the Federal National Mortgage Association, the Government National Mortgage Association, and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. These associations are all reliable associations. You earn more money than a treasury bond, and the risk is minimal.

I would invest in low-risk municipal bonds because they are issued by U.S. states and local administration. They vary in the earning and the risk. Most are considered low risk, but I would ensure the ones I have chosen are as close to risk free as possible. The earning of municipal bonds varies from bond to bond.         

I would invest in mutual funds because they diversify your stocks. If one branch of stocks isn’t doing well, you will still be fine financially because you have other stocks to support you. There are several different kinds of funds that you can choose from, based on risk level, and the yield you get in return. With funds, you don’t have to work as hard to figure out how all of your stocks are doing, you just need an overall view of the market.        

I would invest in a bank that has a high interest rate because there is no risk whatsoever. You will gradually earn money no matter what. Although it will be a small amount of money that goes into the bank it will eventually get to be an extensive amount. You also are guaranteed FDIC insurance on $250,000.  There is also no chance of burglary.          

I would invest in some stocks because they can earn a high yield. Girl Scouts will most likely be around for a while so you can keep your stocks long enough to avoid downfalls of the market. I would put my money into stock I know the Girl Scouts would support, like Disney and Band-Aides. These companies are also probably going to be around for a while. I would avoid stocks that the Girl Scouts would not support like tobacco companies. I would make sure that we were invested in several different companies, and that they aren’t all in the same industry.          

If I were to manage the Girl Scout’s money, I would diversify the investments. I would put money in several different bonds, funds, and stocks. This helps with stock market volatility, has a lower risk rate, and provides more opportunities to gain money.

Gabbi’s article was originally published in the Spring 2018 edition of The Juliette Gazette magazine.