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We Asked. You Answered!


In April 2018, Girl Scouts of the USA's Girl Scout Research Institute conducted a national survey of girls, parents/guardians, and troop volunteers called Girl Scout Voices Count to find out what’s working, and what’s not, in Girl Scouts.

We all take lots of surveys and never learn the outcomes. Not this time! We’re sharing the Voices Count results with you, so you know what your peers think about Girl Scouting in Nebraska. And, we want you to know that your feedback will be used improve our services and programs.

Here’s what you told us!

Knowing how girls benefit from being a Girl Scout is truly essential feedback. Parents and caregivers told us the top five ways their girl benefited are:

  1. Her friendships improved.
  2. Her confidence increased.
  3. She developed an ability to work well with others on a team.
  4. She is willing to try new things and take on new challenges.
  5. Her leadership at home and in the community has improved.

Being a Girl Scout volunteer takes time, commitment, and dedication. Our volunteers shared the primary reasons why they return:

  1. As a Girl Scout troop leader, I make a difference in the lives of girls.
  2. Being a Girl Scout troop leader gives me opportunities to use my talents, skills and/or passions.
  3. Using the Girl Scout program materials makes my job as a girl Scout volunteer easier.

And, of course, what the girls themselves think is vital to Girl Scouts and our future. We learned that girls are more likely to LOVE Girl Scouts if they participate in five or more core Girl Scout activities. Core activities include badge work, community service, outdoors, STEM, overnight camping, field trips, and council-sponsored programs.

Here are the key insights provided by Nebraska girls!

The top reasons girls enjoy Girl Scouts:

  1. I feel safe in Girl Scouts.
  2. I am excited about the things I get to do in Girl Scouts.
  3. In Girl Scouts, adults care about me.
  4. In Girl Scouts, I feel like I belong.
  5. Girl Scouts offers things I want to do.
  6. In Girl Scouts, we learn by doing, not just listening.
  7. In Girl Scouts, adults make me feel important.
  8. I like that Girl Scouts is just for girls.
  9. In Girl Scouts, girls work together to solve problems.
  10. In Girl Scouts, girls help plan what activities we do.

Two activities girls want to do more frequently:

  1. Outdoor activities
  2. Field trips/troop outings

The top 5 things that makes Girl Scouts different than other activities girls participate in:

  1. Sisterhood/friends
  2. Selling Cookies
  3. Opportunities to try different things
  4. Doing activities with just girls
  5. Earning badges/awards

Of course, as with any survey, the results weren’t all sunshine and rainbows. We also learned the top reasons girls don’t have a great experience in Girl Scouting:

  1. Troop co-leaders or girls didn’t make her feel like part of the group.
  2. There was too much focus on selling cookies.
  3. They didn’t get to try or learn new things.

We plan to take all this input, along with additional survey data, and strive to improve Girl Scouts for you and your girl. We hope you will also take our girls’ voices to heart as you plan your Girl Scout year!

And as spring rolls around, be sure to make your voice heard in the 2019 Voices County survey.