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5 Reasons to Attend artVenture


By Angie Hempel, Guest Blogger

artVenture is a lot like Girl Scouts itself.

As much as I cherish my own Girl Scouts experience, the Girl Scouts of today is not the same as it was when I was young. And that’s a good thing.

artVenture is not your Grandma’s fundraiser, either. Not that there’s anything wrong with your Grandma’s fundraiser… it’s just that artVenture is different.

If you’ve been, you know. But if you haven’t ever been to artVenture, let me give you a peek inside. Here are the 5 reasons you should go to artVenture this year, in either Omaha on March 23 or Lincoln on April 14 (or both!):

  1. The Art – There is something for everyone: from kitsch to industrial and from oil paintings to sculpture, both Omaha and Lincoln’s artVenture events have it all.
  2. The People – artVenture is attended by members of the community who come from different backgrounds to unite in support of girls. From a local CEO to a university graduate student, the room is diverse and full as we celebrate the Girl Scout experience.
  3. The Food – It’s phenomenal. Omaha’s artVenture is creatively catered by Catering Creations, and the passed appetizers and desserts are surprisingly filling. Plus this year there’s going to be a signature cocktail in addition to the free beer and wine! At Lincoln artVenture, you can sample all 9 Girl Scout Cookies expertly paired with craft Beers from all over the United States courtesy of Moran’s Liquor Works.
  4. The Atmosphere – The Omaha and Lincoln artVenture spaces invite conversation and exploration. Instead of remaining at a single table for the duration of the event, you are free to mingle, listen to live music, eat fabulous food, and get inspired by hundreds of beautiful art pieces.
  5. The Girl Scouts – Can you imagine having your art displayed next to professional artists as a girl? Or learning a new skill from an expert craftswoman? Or getting to hang out with your friends at a studio? It’s all so amazing and I love supporting these experiences for girls all across the state.

Tickets and sponsorships are available right now for artVenture 2019! Be sure to get in on it now – the event keeps growing year after year so you won’t want to miss out. Especially since this year marks two important anniversaries – the 15th for Omaha and 10th for Lincoln – the committee has some very special things planned to celebrate.

See you there!

P.S. If you attend the Preview Party in Omaha, you get two very special appetizers the rest of the crowd won’t have access to…