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A Love Letter to Our Volunteers


Dear Girl Scout Volunteers,

This April, we celebrate you and the priceless love you give girls every day through your unwavering dedication to their success. The future is bright, and you’re lighting the way!

Yes, you, our extraordinary volunteers—who tirelessly give of yourselves to help unleash the leader in every Girl Scout. During National Volunteer Month, we want you to know that we see you, we appreciate you, and yes—we love you! We don’t say it nearly enough, but we didn’t want another day to go by without letting you know how we truly feel.

National Volunteer Month is about community, and that’s what you build. It’s about sharing your heart, and that’s exactly what you do—without limits and without hesitation.

So, when you’re tired and running around coordinating meetings and events, and maybe even losing a little steam, we want you to remember this: every day as a Girl Scout volunteer, you power life-changing adventure, opportunity-rich learning and powerful growth for girls who will become the leaders and happy, healthy, problem-solvin’, barrier-breakin’ change-makers our world needs.

And while they’re having the time of their lives making forever friends and trying new things, they’re learning that anything is possible. Their confidence is rising, and they’re shedding their fears. They’re raising their hands, sharing ideas and believing in their own inherent power right from the start, all because you show them every day that’s it’s there. By walking beside them, letting them lead and supporting them unconditionally, you’re not only talking the talk—you’re walking the walk. And what a walk it is!

Don’t ever let anyone suggest that being a Girl Scout volunteer is no big thing. It takes grit, creativity, leadership, vision and so much more. We’d be nothing without you, and we want to thank you, from the bottom of our great, green hearts, for showing girls that there’s no challenge they can’t overcome, no goal they can’t reach.

And just for good measure, we’ll say it once more: WE LOVE YOU