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Cookie Superheroes to the Rescue


Faster than a speeding blender! More powerful than the strongest craving! Able to leap busy cookie booths in a single bound! Yes, it's the Girl Scout Cookie Superhero Squad – delicious cookie heroes powering amazing experiences, teaching essential entrepreneurship skills, and available only once a year exclusively from a Girl Scout.

These go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, and leaders are here to help you unleash your Girl Scout Cookie superpower. So, tie on your cape, meet the Cookie Heroes, and create your own superhero identity!

Captain Thin Mint

The leader of the bunch, Captain Thin Mint, with her passion and confidence, always knows how to get the job done. She empowers her friends and teammates to succeed in their own journeys.

Savvy Shortbread, C.E.O.

Savvy Shortbread, C.E.O. is an enterprising entrepreneur who makes smart investments and delights her customers. She boldly overcomes obstacles to achieve her goals.

Caramel deArte

Caramel deArte challenges assumptions and thinks outside of the box. Artistic with a knack for DIY projects, she makes the world a much more beautiful and interesting place.

Lemonader Risk-Taker

Lemonader Risk-Taker is a brave mover and shaker who loves to try new things. She rallies the troops to travel, explore, and get off the beaten track.

Peanut Butter Strongwich

Nothing can stop Peanut Butter Strongwich! Just try and keep up with this indomitable athlete as she pushes herself to go harder, faster, and farther.

Thoughtful Thanks-a-Lot

Thoughtful Thanks-a-Lot is kind, compassionate, and supportive. A trusted mentor and problem-solver, she never hesitates to jump in and help someone struggling with a difficult task.

PB Power Patty

A bold, go-getter, PB Power Patty channels her can-do spirit as she pursues fairness and justice. Possessing grit and resiliency, this courageous activist never hesitates to raise her voice for others.

C3 Innovator

C3 Innovator is a scientist with big questions who isn’t afraid to experiment. Will her idea work? She uses her curiosity to find a solution!


Never afraid to fail, S’Maverick embraces challenges and encourages others to face their fears. There isn’t an adventure doesn’t want to conquer.

Make Your Own Superhero Mask (PDF)