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The S.U.ccess Series: Learning to Save Lives


This post is part of The S.U.ccess Series: Stories of Service Unit Victories. The series will provide tips and inspiration for making your Service Unit successful.

A group of Lincoln go-getter Girl Scouts now knows how to save lives, thanks to a special training offered by Service Unit 214. Service Unit leaders brought in the Bryan Medical Center trauma outreach and injury prevention coordinator to train about 20 Girl Scouts to ‘Stop the Bleed.’ 

The workshop focuses on saving lives by stopping life-threatening bleeding. A person who is bleeding can die quickly from blood loss. Emergency responders aren't always the first at the scene of accidents, so if bystanders can control the bleeding, they can save a life.

Spirit of Nebraska Troop Support Specialist Wendy Werner said the girls rocked the training and are absolutely ready to step in and help people. She wants other service units know about the training and offer it to their Girl Scouts.

“We often say girls get the opportunity to discover career paths in Girl Scouts – careers they may choose to pursue and also affirming what they don’t want to do. This training was an excellent example of that,” Wendy said. “I cannot say enough about how awesome this opportunity was and how grateful I am for all of the adults who played a role in bringing it to the girls.”

Below is a testimonial written by Isabel Koenig, a Girl Scout Junior in Troop 20631, about the Stop the Bleed training offered by Service Unit 214.

“I went to the Stop the Bleed First Aid Class through my Girl Scout troop. I think every Girl Scout should go to this class because, even though they may be afraid to go, it will prepare them for an emergency. I liked it because we got to interact and help our instructor demonstrate.

“We had fun and learned helpful things at the same time. Interacting helped me remember a lot of the things we did. I really enjoyed this class and would definitely go again and recommend it to others!”

For guidance on how to host a service unit event, contact your troop support specialist. To bring ‘Stop the Bleed’ training to your service unit event, visit this website.  

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