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Unleash Your Superpowers and Enter Two Cookie Contests


You learned to count change. You learned to talk to people you don’t know. You crafted an elevator pitch. You battled Mother Nature. Just like the DC Super Hero Girls, you were motivated and determined to succeed. You are a Girl Scout Cookie Superhero!

Now it’s time to tell your unique cookie story and enter two contests for chances to win sweet prizes.

First, unleash your inner DC Super Hero Girl and enter the national 2019 CookiePro contest for a chance to win an epic adventure in sunny California.

Then, turn your attention to the Nebraska Cookie Superhero Contest for more opportunities to win prizes.

Entering the Nebraska contest is easy! Just send us the mini graphic novel you created and entered in the Cookie Pro Contest! You could win a spotlight feature in The Juliette Gazette magazine and a photo shoot.

Only Nebraska Girl Scouts can enter the statewide contest! One winner will be randomly chosen from each Girl Scout level (Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador), so there lots of chances to win!

The deadline for both contests is April 30. We would LOVE to see a Nebraska girl win the national contest, and we can’t wait to see the graphic novels you create and send to us.

So, put on your I-can-do-anything cape and tell us about all the amazing things you accomplish during the Girl Scout Cookie Program!