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artVenture 2022 – The New “I Spy” Edition


We are putting a new spin on artVenture across the state this year, and we know you are going to LOVE it!  Groups of Girl Scouts will work with a local artist (or an “artsy” adult volunteer)* to create a piece of art that will be donated and displayed at one of our Girl Scout camps. Throughout the summer, visitors will explore the artwork as part of a statewide I Spy Art Challenge!  Here is how YOU can participate.


Mid-October 2021 Registration Opens Online
December 1, 2021 Last Day to Register
January-March 2022 Collaboration Work Takes Place
April 1, 2022 Deadline to Submit Artwork Details
June 1, 2022-August 31, 2022 artVenture 2022 “I Spy” Challenge Art on Display


  • Project groups must have a minimum of four Girl Scouts and one collaborating artist. *
  • Artwork must include a trefoil in the design.

  • Artwork must be able to withstand the elements as it will be displayed outdoors during the summer.**
  • Artwork must be no larger than 18” X 24” and must weigh no more than 10 pounds.
  • Collaborating artists may charge no more than $20 per girl for supplies
  • Artwork must be appropriate for all ages and should conform to the values and principles of Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska.


Step 1: Form a collaboration team and ask a local artist (or “artsy” adult volunteer)* to guide your project. Don’t know someone artsy? Try asking friends, family, and those in your community for recommendations. Think outside the box and consider contacting graphic designers, art educators, librarians, etc. If you need help finding an artist, contact your local program specialist. They may know artists willing to collaborate.

Program Specialists

Camp Catron, Nebraska City Erin Finken
Camp Cosmo, Grand Island Alisha Epp
Camp Crossed Arrows, Nickerson Susan Nickels
Camp Maha, Papillion Hailey Thiem
Hidden Oaks Cabin, Valentine Kat Tedder
Hilltop House, Lincoln Lori Williamson
Lakeview Cabin, North Platte Kat Tedder

Step 2:  Decide on a theme for your art piece and develop a project proposal. The theme might be nature, science, camp activities, Girl Scout symbols, signs, traditions, or badges, etc. Make sure you include a trefoil in your design.

Step 3: Register your team for the artVenture 2022 “I Spy” Edition by December 1, 2021. (Registration opens October 1.) Here is the information you will need to complete your team’s registration:

  • Come up with a creative team name (no troop numbers).
  • Be prepared to list each participating girl (first and last names).
  • Designate the location you want your artwork displayed at: Camp Catron, Nebraska City; Camp Cosmo, Grand Island; Camp Crossed Arrows, Nickerson; Camp Maha, Papillion; Hidden Oaks Cabin, Valentine; Hilltop House, Lincoln; or Lakeview Cabin, North Platte.
  • Identify one adult volunteer as your team's council contact, include their contact information.
  • Provide the name of and contact information for your team’s collaborating artist.
  • Share your team’s project proposal – a brief description of the proposed artwork, including medium, size, how the item would be displayed, and if you have a preferred camp location (e.g., along a trail, near water, hanging from a tree). The final location for each piece will be determined by council staff to ensure the preservation of the artwork and safety of camp attendees.

Step 4: Council staff will review your project proposal and communicate with your designated adult contact. Please wait to begin your piece until the staff member has sent a confirmation email.

Step 5:  Meet as a team to complete the artwork. Be sure to make it display-ready, including adding any hardware needed to place the piece. For example, if it is to be staked to the ground along a camp trail, make sure the stake is attached, and it is ready to be placed. If it is to be hung from a tree, make sure it is wired and ready to hang.

Step 6:  Submit the artwork details form online (a link to the form will be sent to each team later), providing details such as title, medium, dimensions, girl and artist names, an artist statement, and a photo of the finished piece by April 1, 2022.

Step 7:  Once the artwork is complete, you will drop off and install your piece on the designated date indicated in your email confirmation.

Step 8:  Take the artVenture 2022 “I Spy” Challenge! Visit camp and see your artwork and the other pieces on display!

Registration Details
artVenture 2022 – The “I Spy” Edition
Grades K-12
Mid-October 2021 – Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Register by:  Wednesday, December 1, 2021 (Registration link will be available in mid-October.)
Girl Cost: $5***, includes patch

artVenture 2022 Collaborations – Omaha

In the Omaha area, girls can still participate in traditional artVenture collaborations, too. Small groups of Girl Scouts will collaborate with local artists to create a unique piece of art for the March 2022 artVenture auction event. Registration begins November 1 and ends December 1.

*This is in addition to the required volunteer-to-girl supervision ratio that must also be met.

**A small number of pieces may be able to be displayed inside camp buildings, but these should be limited to art forms that cannot be weather-proofed. Please check before proceeding.

***Additionally, artists may charge each girl up to $20 for project supplies; this will vary by project and is to be worked out between the artist and the collaboration team.