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Buy One, Get One Membership Promo!


Girl Scouts is an amazing adventure! And all adventures are more fun when shared with a friend. Right now, Girl Scouts are learning about robots, hiking, dancing, painting murals, feeding the hungry, and changing the world. If you can dream it, we will help you do it.

This fall, we are offering the opportunity to buy one Girl Scout membership and receive a second membership that your girl can give to an important person in her life.

The free membership can go to a girl or an adult, like:

  • Her sister
  • Her bestie
  • Her mom, dad, or caregiver
  • Her aunt

This BOGO offer is funded by a grant and has a few restrictions:

  • The promotion is valid in 2021 and 2022, until available grant funds have been depleted.
  • The purchased membership must be bought in August 2021 or later.


To claim your free membership:

1. Purchase the first membership.

2. Then email us to claim the BOGO:

  • Make the email subject “Claim BOGO”
  • In the body of your email, write the name on the purchased membership.
  • Attach a completed membership form for the free membership. Click here for the girl form or here for the adult form.

3. Please allow time for staff to process the membership request.

Then, get ready for your great Girl Scout adventures to begin!

Questions? Contact Member Support by email or at 800.695.6690.