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Show Your Girl Scout Spirit Week Pride


It’s time to celebrate, spread the word about the awesomeness of Girl Scouts, and invite new girls to join our movement during Girl Scout Spirit Week, October 25 through October 31.

Girls, volunteers, and alums: Show your Girl Scout enthusiasm by wearing your uniform, giving back to your community, and inviting your friends get involved. Troop co-leaders, volunteers, council staff, and families: Share your stories about the impact of Girl Scouts on you, your girls, and your troop. Everybody: Take tons of photos, share them social media, and spread your Girl Scout love to everyone! Use #GirlScoutSpiritWeek and tag us on Facebook at @girlscoutsnebraska and on Instagram and Twitter at @girlscoutsne.

Use ideas from our Girl Scout Spirit Week Activity Calendar at your troop meetings to celebrate what it means to be a Girl Scout and to explore our program theme, Rediscover Girl Scouts. Feel free to use these activities at troop meetings throughout the year!

Spirit Week Theme Days

Monday, October 25 – Songs, Games, and Skits

Learn a new song, game, or skit that would have been popular in the early years of Girl Scouting and share it with your troop, another troop, or other girls. Be sure to watch “The Golden Eaglet” (available on YouTube).

Tuesday, October 26 – Girl Scout Ceremonies

Plan an investiture or re-investiture ceremony, a bridging ceremony, or other ceremony. Discover the importance of ceremonies in Girl Scout history.

Wednesday, October 27 – Girl Scout Founder’s Day

Learn about Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts. Using old Girl Scout guidebooks or online research, have a retro-themed party or a tea party.

Thursday, October 28 – Take Action

Service has always been a big part of Girl Scouts. Plan and carryout a service project for your school, meeting place, or community.

Friday, October 29 – Girl Scout Pride

Show your Girl Scout spirit by wearing your uniform or Girl Scout T-shirt to school. Share what the badges and patches mean to you or how you earned them. Find out what a Girl Scout uniforms previously looked like. Share a photo of you in your Girl Scout gear.

Saturday-Sunday, October 30-31 – Happy Birthday Juliette Gordon Low!

At a troop event, celebrate Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday (October 31). Our founder, Juliette, was a true visionary. She took girls of all backgrounds outdoors and encouraged them to prepare not only for traditional homemaking, but also for possible future roles as professional women–– in the arts, sciences, and business––and for active citizenship in their communities. Juliette started a movement that changed the world! We celebrate this legacy on her birthday. Think about the skills and traits you share with her, or ones you would like to develop.

Not sure how to celebrate?  Here are some great ideas to get you started. 

  1. Stand on your head! She stood on her head every year on her birthday to prove she still could do it. 
  2. Follow her lead and “Do a good turn” for your community. “Do a good turn” has been the Girl Scout slogan since 1912. 
  3. Put on a play, skit, or puppet show about Juliette’s life for younger girls, another troop, or guests you invite. 
  4. Make a picture display of Juliette’s life or the history of Girl Scouting. 
  5. Invite another troop to celebrate with you and have a party.  

This is the perfect time to invite friends to your troop meeting and grow our Girl Scout sisterhood. Share a Girl Scout song, game, or tradition that you learned during Spirit Week with your guests. Share a photo of you and a friend you made through Girl Scouts! Co-leaders: Use our Invite-A-Friend Meeting Guide for easy troop meeting plans.

Chance to Win!

Complete an activity above or from our activity calendar and email us a photo of your Girl Scout Spirit Week activity, include your troop number and the names of girls participating, and you will be entered into a drawing for a Girl Scout themed prize! Winners will be announced mid-November.