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Help Girl Scouts Collect Resources in Your Community!


Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska is creating a list of free resources in your community—businesses, organizations, groups, or individuals—that have worked with in a Girl Scout setting to help complete badgework or learn certain skills. This could be anything from an autobody shop that teaches Girl Scouts how to change a tire to a theater that gives backstage tours.

Have you worked with an organization, group, or individual that:

  • You had a good experience with?
  • You would recommend to another troop?
  • Can give Girl Scouts different experiences in STEM, outdoors, life skills, and entrepreneurship?

Then we want to hear about them!

Our hope is that this compiled list will be a resource for any Girl Scout or troop to bolster their Girl Scout experiences and help volunteers cut down on research time.

Here is what we would need from you:

  • Business or Individual’s Name
  • Primary Contact Name
  • Contact Information for Primary Contact
  • What did they do for your troop/group?
  • Any additional details that would be helpful to share—if there was a fee, what age level they would work best with, etc.

Once we receive your submissions, businesses and individuals will be contacted by Council staff and asked if they would like to be shared on this list. Once approved, we’ll add them to our list! We will continue to update this list as Community Resources are added.

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Would YOU like to become a Community Resource yourself? Submit an application!

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