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Invest in Girls. Change the World.

Your contribution gives the gift of opportunity; a chance for girls to develop the skills that will benefit them the most and have experiences that encourage them to be courageous and confident.

Gifts of any amount go a long way. With your support, every Nebraska girl will have the opportunity to become someone amazing.


$500 – Helps a girl participate in life-changing experience through a Destinations travel opportunity


$250 – Sends a girl to a week-long resident camp


$175 – Sends a girl to a week-long day camp


$75 – Provides outreach programming to the girls who need us most


$50 – Provides Girl Scout membership dues and basics


$25 – Sends a girl to council sponsored program like Kid Chefs, Animal Helpers or Magic of Chemistry

Thank you for your support!

Spirit of Nebraska is funded in part through the generosity of: