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Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)

Your newest time-saver! We have launched the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK): a digital tool you can access on your computer, smartphone or tablet!

The VTK will save you precious time as you and your girls plan, organize, and manage troop activities. It allows you to spend more time doing the things you imagined when you stepped into your volunteer role—changing girls’ lives through amazing experiences!

Get Started Today!

Here’s are step-by-step guides that will walk you through the VTK. Want to know what you’ll find inside the VTK? View the Journeys and badges by program level available to you by logging into the VTK.


Have questions or want more information about the Volunteer Toolkit? Please contact the Member Support team via email or by calling 402.558.8189 or (toll free) 800.695.6690.


What will I find in the Volunteer Toolkit?

You will find the five areas below to help you manage your troop with ease.

  • My Troop: Manage your troop contacts, renew memberships and communicate with parents.
  • Explore: View popular year tracks to set as your year plan or create your own year plan. You can also go back to the Explore tab if you need to reset your year plan to start from scratch.
  • Year Plan: View your year plan after you select a track from the Explore tab. Manage your calendar and customize to add badges or activities as needed. Click on a meeting to edit date, time, and location of meeting. Print or download your year plan to your personal calendar. Select “Past Years” to view your year plans from previous years.
  • Meeting Plan: View meeting details including activity descriptions, meeting aids, materials lists, and more. Add a note or agenda items of your own. Send meeting reminders to parents and record attendance and achievements.
  • Resources: View helpful resources and forms for your troop divided into convenient sections such as the family hub, trips and travel, intent forms, camp or outdoors, traditions, and more. You can also search for badges and journeys through the “badge explorer”.
  • Finances: This will allow you to submit your troop financial report and May bank statement to the council.
How do I access the Volunteer Toolkit?

Log into the VTK by clicking "MY GS" on the website navigation menu. The VTK integrates right into the council website to allow you to seamlessly go back and forth.

How do I use the Volunteer Toolkit?

The VTK is designed to be intuitive and requires no formal training, however, use this guide to get you started.

If you feel you would like more help exploring the VTK, contact Member Support to set up a meeting with our VTK Expert.

Who has access to the VTK?

Registered and background screened co-leaders for all troops have access to the VTK. Leaders of the same troop can work on and make changes to the same year plan. NEW for summer 2019! IGM Mentors and Service Unit volunteers have full year plan and meeting plan access in the VTK.

What about parents/guardians?

Parents/guardians will be able to access the VTK to see what their girl's troop or group is doing (e.g. meeting information and which badges and Journeys she is working on).

What’s new to the VTK?
  • July 2018 - Girl Scouts of the USA introduced new badges and new Journeys to help our girls build new skills, expand their horizons, and grow into confident leaders.
  • July 2019 - Girl Scouts of the USA introduced 42 new badges and journeys in Outdoors and STEM, including many options for older Girl Scout grade levels.
  • August 2019 - IGM Mentors and Service Unit volunteers gained access to the VTK.
What if I don’t have internet at my meeting place?

How will I access program materials? You can easily download the materials to your device or print them prior to your meeting. Also, the VTK can be accessed on a tablet or smart phone, which may expand options where it can be used.

What about volunteers who don’t have home internet?

The VTK is not an app so it can be accessed from any computer or device. Libraries are a great resource for volunteers who don’t have access to the internet at home. They can print meeting plans or download them to their personal computer or drive.