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Co-Leader Training

Thank you for volunteering your time as a troop co-leader. It will be an incredible and rewarding journey.

Ready! Set! Change Lives!

As a Girl Scout volunteer, you have the opportunity to share new adventures and make wonderful memories together with the girls in your troop.

This Co-Leader Checklist was designed to help you cover the basics for a successful year. Follow the checklist to have a great year! By completing the checklist within your first year of volunteering, troop co-leaders can earn their second-year membership. See details here.

Required Trainings

To get started as a co-leader, the following trainings are required and must be taken within the first month of starting your troop. Trainings are recommended for all Girl Scout volunteers!

Welcome to Spirit of Nebraska

This short training introduces you to our council, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska. Learn about our structure, camp and properties, programming, policies, resources and more!

To receive credit for taking this training, please fill out this form.

Co-Leader Basics

Everything you need to know to get you started as a Troop Co-Leader! Watch this short training to learn about recruiting volunteers, starting a bank account, planning your first meeting and more.

Follow along with this training using the Co-Leader Basic Guide.

  Co-Leader Basics Guide (Link)

Keep track of any questions you have so you can ask them at your New Co-Leader Orientation (see below).

To receive credit for taking this training, please fill out this form.

New Co-Leader Orientation

Learn more about your role and our council. Training is provided in-person or over the phone by your placement specialist. Please contact us to schedule yours today!


This easy-to-use online course introduces you to Girl Scouts’ inspiring national leadership experience, from Journey resources, the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, to the Girl Scout Cookie Program, safety guidelines and more.

To receive credit for taking this training, please fill out this form.

Troop Finance Webinar

This webinar guides you through establishing an account, record keeping and required reporting, and handling funds. It is a short and useful tool for getting your Girl Scout year off the ground and keeping you on track. This webinar is also required for troop treasurers and any volunteer responsible for coaching girls as they earn and manage money.

Prior to viewing this 15-minute webinar, familiarize yourself with the following:

 Troop Financial Management Packet (PDF)

 Request for Troop Money-Earning Activity (PDF)

To receive credit for taking this training, please fill out this form.

Explore Out

This webinar teaches essentials for safely taking girls outside of their typical troop meeting place. Learn about the benefits of being outdoors, how to use Safety Activity Checkpoints, emergency preparedness, the appropriate paperwork and girl-readiness in the outdoors.

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Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)

Plan your Girl Scout year with ease using this helpful tool! Set meeting dates, times and locations, review your meeting plan, add meetings or activities, and find resources.  

  Volunteer Toolkit Guide (PDF)

To receive credit for taking this training, please fill out this form.

Become a Super Volunteer!

These training opportunities are loaded with helpful information that will expand your knowledge of Girl Scouts, and beyond!

Additional Webinars & Resources
Tips From Current Volunteers

Controlling the Room
Tips for troop leaders on the best way to get the attention of the girls in their troop.

Leader-Daughter Dynamic
Tips for how to manage when troop leaders have their daughter in their troop.

Parent Meeting
Tips for engaging parents in troop meetings and activities.

Positive Troop Environment
Tips for creating and maintaining a sage and positive troop environment.

Start-up Activities
Examples of successful activities for the girls to do at the beginning of the troop meeting.

Troop Safety
Tips for troop leaders to ensure they are following safety guidelines with their troop.

Welcoming New Girls
Tips for troop leaders to ensure new girls feel welcome as a new troop member.

Using the Volunteer Toolkit
Tips to using your digital troop assistant, the Volunteer Toolkit.

Check back as we will be developing more training opportunities for our co-leaders in the coming year!