+ How do I become a Girl Scout?

It’s easy. Simply click here. When you become a Girl Scout, you will be joining an organization that is 3.2 million girls and adults strong. You don’t have to be in a Girl Scout troop to become a Girl Scout, there are many Pathways in which you can participate. If you want more information, contact us today.

+ When does Girl Scouts begin each year?

You can sign up to be a Girl Scout any time during the year. Many troops are formed in the fall, but you are welcome to join all of the fun and excitement of this leadership experience when the time is right for you. Girls can join and troops can be formed anytime that works for girls and volunteers. Remember, you don’t have to be in a troop to be a Girl Scout!

+ What age are Girl Scouts?

Girls can participate in Girl Scouting beginning when they are in kindergarten and up until they graduate from high school. Girls will be in a particular grade-level so that activities in which they participate are age appropriate. Girls can also join on their own, with the support of a caring adult. We call our independent Girl Scouts: Individual Girl Members. Individual Girl Members will be the grade level that reflects their grade in school.

+ Does everyone have to have a uniform?

Girl Scouts are not required to have a uniform, but keep in mind that tunics, sashes and vests come in handy when girls want to proudly display their recognitions. Financial assistance is available for uniforms for those who qualify.

+ Can girls go to camp if they are not in a troop?

Absolutely! Any girl can participate in any Girl Scout program activity or Pathway, as long as they are ready to have fun! You simply join Girl Scouts, pay the annual membership dues and the world of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, including camping, is at your fingertips. Check out our most recent program offerings here.

+ What recognitions and awards are available for Girl Scouts?

There are many ways for a girl to be honored or commemorate the things they are doing, places they are going and things they have learned. The Girls Guide to Girl Scouting, available in our stores has a complete list for every grade level in Girl Scouting.

Girls can also earn Girl Scout Girl Awards through their commitment to community service. The Gold, Silver and Bronze Award are presented to girls who fulfill the requirements for those highest honors in Girl Scouting. These awards are for girls who go above and beyond to discover, connect and take action to make the world a better place. The Gold Award is the highest honor that a Girl Scout can achieve.

+ Where can I buy Girl Scout merchandise?

At any of our six Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska stores, called Juliette’s Boutique.  There, you will find everything from basic Girl Scouting necessities such as uniforms, insignia, Girl’s Guides and badges to cool Girl Scout apparel and merchandise. If you can’t find something at one of our stores, no worries, we will order it for you and take all the hassle out of your Girl Scout shopping experience.

+ How do I find information about uniforms, insignia & recognitions?

For the latest information on how to wear uniforms and place insignia, you can visit this page at GirlScouts.org. You can also visit or call any Juliette’s Boutique.

+ What are Journeys books?

The Girl Scout Journeys are the first component of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Journeys are publications that were written for girls at each grade level. There are three series, each of which centers around a different theme: Environment, Global Action and Self-empowerment. They are a great tool for girls to explore their personal potential. With the accompanying Leader’s Guides and the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, girls can earn badges and recognitions and will discover many tools that will engage them in fun and challenging experiences.

Programs where girls earn badges and patches have been a long-standing tradition in Girl Scouting and the programs have been up-dated to keep pace with the “modern” girl of this century. Journeys books are simply a different path in the same adventurous world of Girl Scouts.

+ What area does Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska cover?

The Spirit of Nebraska council includes the entire state of Nebraska (92 counties) and Carter Lake, IA, with the exception of Dakota County in northeast Nebraska. There are six service centers, six camp properties and one education center that provide support and opportunities for girl members and adult volunteers.

+ When and why did the Nebraska Girl Scout councils merge together?

The five former councils merged in May of 2008, as part of a national realignment plan, which is integral to Girl Scouts of the USA’s Core Business Strategy. The goal was to construct fewer, but higher-capacity councils, thereby providing a more consistent and enriching Girl Scout Leadership Experience and additional resources and programming opportunities for members.

+ I would like to form a troop, how do I get started?

Contact the service center nearest you and ask to speak with a membership specialist. If you tell them the school or area for which you are trying to organize a troop, they will get you started with the volunteer application and will connect you with the recruitment coordinator or service unit manager in your area.

+ How do I buy cookies?

Buying Girl Scout Cookies might be the easiest and most meaningful transaction you will ever make. Either a Girl Scout will come to your home or place or work, and you will buy from her, or you can find many Girl Scout Cookie Booths throughout the state beginning in late February. These girl-run booths are set up in various grocery and retail stores and are usually very easy to spot. For locations and times, visit the Girl Scout Cookie pages or call the Cookie Hotline at 877.NEMINT4U (877.636.4684).

+ I'm a new troop leader. How much time will I invest?

Financially, you can put as much or as little into your troop as you would like. Girls typically pay their own individual membership dues, so that won’t be a troop responsibility. Many troop leaders in Spirit of Nebraska base their spending upon the financial needs of the girls. Often, parents will support a troop by paying troop dues, but girls are encouraged to earn money for their troop by participating in Product Programs and there is financial assistance available for girls and troops that qualify.

As far as time is concerned, as a troop leader you can decide how often your troop meets and in how many programs/events/activities your troop will participate. It helps to have co-leaders and helpful parents on board to lighten everyone’s load! The great thing about being a leader is that it is such a rewarding experience that you will enjoy any and all time you spend with the girls.

+ What activities should I do with the girls?

Of course, you can begin with Girl Scouts of the USA materials, the Girl’s Guides and Journey Books. There are countless hours of activities and many recognitions and badges for your girls to earn. The council provides many programs, activities and even adventure trips for you and your girls to enjoy, too. Our program books and collaborator guide are online for your convenience. You can also use your programming and membership specialist as a resource for things to do and places to go with your girls. Please remember to let the GIRLS decide what they would like to do as that is an important component of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. When in doubt, call your nearest service center and someone will be happy to help you. You can also sign up for our eNewsletter which is a twice-monthly bulletin of events and activities.

+ What are the volunteering opportunities and requirements?

There are many ways to volunteer beyond being a troop leader. We are always seeking individuals who have talents or skills and, mostly, the desire to encourage and empower girls. No matter what your interest, or the amount of time you have to contribute, we will find a way for you to volunteer! The process for becoming a volunteer can vary depending on the position and includes a background screening process.

+ Is financial assistance available?

Yes. Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska is committed to ensuring that all girls and adults who want to participate in Girl Scouting will have the opportunity to do so. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify for items such as national or troop dues, books, programs, camps or trips.

In addition, Aetna Better Health® of Nebraska has partnered with Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska to provide Girl Scouts of the USA membership dues for youth in grades Kindergarten – 12th grade. Find more information and forms here.

+ How will I know the status of my financial aid request?

Please allow 3-4 weeks for us to process all requests. A postcard will be mailed to your home informing you of the status of your financial aid request with further instructions. If you have questions, please contact our accounting department by email or call 402.779.8201.

+ When can girls participate in Product Programs?

Product Programs are open to ALL Girl Scouts, including Daisies! Please visit our Product Program pages for intent forms, details, dates and deadlines. Please note that all girls who participate in Product Programs must be registered members of Girl Scouts of the USA and leaders must register their troops in advance of Product Program and accompanying training.

The Fall Product Program which includes nuts, chocolates, candy and magazines takes place in early autumn.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program begins in February, with exclusive door-to-door sales 10 days prior to the kick-off of Cookie Booths.

+ Can my troop fundraise outside of Girl Scout Product Programs?

There are specific policies for the different grade levels when it comes to fundraising activities outside of Product Programs. The basic rule of thumb is that troops cannot sell commercial products outside of Girl Scout Product Programs and troops must participate in the Cookie Program in order to be able to hold additional money-earning activities. In times of crisis or disaster, Girl Scouts of the USA will occasional permit girls and troops to raise funds for other organizations, the council will do our best to notify you when that is the case.

A Troop Money Earning Request Form must be submitted to your service center prior to your event or activity.

+ What about awards for dedicated volunteers?

We have them! Volunteer awards are available at every level and within the many areas of Girl Scouting. Many of our volunteers earn awards and recognitions because other members, or anyone, acknowledges their achievements through our nomination process. For a complete list of awards and requirements, please visit our Volunteer Awards page.

+ I have pictures and stories of my girls, to whom should I send?

We love getting photos of Girl Scouts exploring the world and making it a better place. No matter what girls are up to, these photos are valuable to us for publications and as a record of the Girl Scout experience through the years. Please send your high resolution photos and stories to us by email or call 402.779.8205.

Please send photos taken with cameras only! Phone photos tend to be small files and low resolution and we cannot use them. If you have questions about camera settings call or email.