Three Processes

Keeping the Girl in Girl Scouting.

When girls participate in Girl Scout activities that are supervised by adult volunteers. We ask that adults engage girls in three ways that make Girl Scouting unique from school and other extracurricular activities:
While participating in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, these three principles should be applied to all activities …

Watch this video to see the Three Processes in action.

Girl Led
Girls at every grade level take an active role in determining what, where, when, why, and how they’ll structure activities. As part of the adult/girl partnership fostered by Girl Scouts, adult volunteers use this process to strengthen and support girls’ empowerment and decision-making roles in activities.

Learning by Doing
Girls use hands-on learning to engage in an ongoing cycle of action and reflection, deepening their understanding of concepts and mastering practical skills. As girls take part in meaningful activities—rather than simply watching them—and then later evaluate what they have learned, learning is far more meaningful, memorable and long-lasting.

Cooperative Learning
Girls share knowledge, skills, and experiences in an atmosphere of respect and cooperation, working together on common goals that engage each girl’s diverse talents. In cooperative learning environments, people learn faster, process information more efficiently and are better able to retain the information learned.