Outreach Testimonials

Changing Lives by Reaching Out.

We have many success stories and have seen excellent results due to the fact that we have brought Girl Scouting into the lives of the girls supported by our Community Outreach programs in Nebraska. We also hear from our volunteers that this experience has been a rewarding and enriching part of their lives.

Here are a few stories that illustrate the impact that our Community Outreach programs have had on our girls and volunteers.

Celebrating Community by Shelby Snedeker
There are many girls in the Omaha area who would love to participate in Girl Scouts. However, a high percentage of these girls are unable to participate due to their family’s financial circumstances. While recruiting girls this fall to join one of the many outreach troops available in the Omaha area, I received several phone calls from inquisitive parents. One mother in particular breathlessly and candidly shared that she and her family had recently become homeless, and that although her four daughters desperately wished to participate in Girl Scouts, they could not afford anything but their necessities. What a relief it was for her to find out that Girl Scouts offers financial assistance, thanks to the support of funding we receive. It is priority of our Community Outreach program that every girl has the ability to be a Girl Scout, regardless of her family’s financial situation.

Now, these girls attend weekly troop meetings together! They have each shared how much they love to be there and it has been such a joy to witness their confidence grow. The capacity that the Outreach program has to build community—a group where each girl feels a sense of belonging, an awareness of her gifts, and the confidence to make a positive change in the lives of others—should be celebrated.

Working Together by Juliana Taber
As the Wasmer Elementary Girl Scout troop meeting in Grand Island started, the girls excitedly chatted and got ready to begin. After sharing news about what was going on in their lives, the girls quickly got down to business. They were working on social skills and making new friends which included conversation games and an art project. They watched carefully as outreach specialist, Juliana, explained the art project to the first table of girls. Juliana demonstrated the process a few more times and moved on to the next table. Moniya, a 5th grader who was new to Girl Scouting, seemed to really catch on. The oldest of her siblings, she is a respectful and inquisitive girl; not typically outgoing in group settings. However, Moniya stepped up and helped her Girl Scout sisters create mini-masterpieces, moving around the group and assisting as needed. Her confidence shined as she demonstrated the Girl Scout process of cooperative learning. Cooperative learning means girls work as a group, asking each other questions and navigating through new activities together. When Juliana thanked Moniya for her willingness to lead, she beamed with pride. Moniya is a great example of how the Girl Scout environment encourages girls to take on a leadership role and share their knowledge with others. We offer a safe place where girls can feel comfortable and try new things. We help them build courage, confidence and character and we see the result of our efforts everyday in girls like Moniya!  

Giving Back from the Heart
Emily has had Girl Scouting in her life since she was a young girl and now feels like it’s her time to give back. Since graduating from college three years ago, she has done just that! Emily began her volunteer experience with a group that could be perceived as intimidating; a troop at the Lancaster Youth Detention Center. Not once has she let intimidation become a factor. She walks into group each Monday with an open mind and an accepting heart. Because of Emily and the Girl Scout experience, plenty of young females can see what it means to persevere and have faith in others around them.

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