Fall Product Programs

Troops Earn Start up Funds.

The 2015 Fall Product Program is a council-sponsored program that enables Girl Scout troops to earn funds at the beginning of the Girl Scout year. This year's theme is “Be Spotacular! Reach New Heights!” featuring our new mascot Gabi the Giraffe!

The Fall Product Program provides an important ingredient for leadership by helping girls develop five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Girl Scouting prepares girls for bright futures!

The 2015 Fall Product Program runs September 11 -- October 8, 2015! Customers have plenty of time to order or renew their favorite magazine subscriptions, order their “to remember this” photo keepsake items and their favorite nut and candy items, online or in person!

ALL online orders must be placed by 11:59 pm on Thursday, October 8, 2015. All nut and candy order cards, completed Reach Out booklets, Pay Now order forms (with payment) and Girl’s Online Sales reports are due to your Fall Product Manager by October 9, 2015.

Important Fall Product Program Dates:
September 11 to October 8: Fall Product Program sale dates
October 9: Orders due to troops
November 4 - 22: Product Pickup, distribution and money collection
November 23: ALL money due to troop
December 1: ACH withdrawal from troop account for Total Amount Due to Council
December 9: Recognition distribution begins

Girl Scout troops will earn 12% of all sales, as well as cool patches and cumulative recognitions. Troops can also opt to receive 13% in proceeds and just the patches, in lieu of recognitions. Troops also earn $3.00 for each completed Magazine Program Reach Out Booklet.

Returning this Year
Be a Super Troop! All troops participating in both the 2015 Fall Product Program and the 2016 Girl Scout Cookie Program will receive a Super Troop patch for every registered girl. This recognition will be distributed with the 2016 Cookie Program recognitions.

New this Year!
A new part of the QSP/Nut Online Program is the MyCreation™ custom mascot. Girls and adults can create their very own giraffe mascot image with 10 customizable features for their online message. The

MyCreation™ images are compiled into a MyTroopCreation™ photo.
Troops with at least 2 adult and 3 girl images in their MyTroopCreation™ photo can submit their image to us via email to be entered into a drawing for a $100.00 voucher to Juliette’s Boutique.

Girls who create a MyCreation™ image and reach $175 in online nut/candy and magazine sales will receive a custom patch created from their MyCreation™ image with their name and the program date. Parents will receive an email from QSP/GAO with details for receiving this special recognition patch.

Project Share!
Girls support our military by selling $6 in vouchers that go towards the purchase of nuts, candies and magazines for active military. Girls will earn a Share patch for selling six items or more and all sales count towards recognitions. The troop earns 12% (13% for opt-out troops) of the selling price for each order. And… the COUNCIL handles all order fulfillment and distribution. Providing a taste of home has never been so sweet!

If your troop will participate in the Fall Product Program, have your leader fill out this Troop Intent Form, if you would like to participate on your own, fill out this Individual Intent Form!

Additional Fall Product Resources are available in the Forms and Resources section.