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Nuts, Candy, Magazines & More

Be brilliant…shine on! The 2016 Fall Product Program is in FULL SWING!

Girl Scouts and troops choose how to participate and which products they would like to sell. There are three options:

  1. Nuts and Candy
  2. Magazines
  3. Photo Keepsakes

Girls can sell directly to customers, however, this program can be conducted completely online!

There is also an opportunity for girls to collect donations to purchase nuts and candy which will be sent to active military through Project Share!

The Fall Product Program is a great way for girls to earn start-up funds at the beginning of the year and have fun exploring how easy it is to be successful. It promotes girls’ confidence and helps them develop skills they will use for a lifetime! Open this flyer for more information.

If you are still interested in participation in the Fall Product Program, please fill out one of our Intent Forms below! If you have questions or need support, contact the Product Program Team.

Important Fall Product Program Dates:

  • September 16 - October 7, DIRECT Sale Dates
  • September 16 - October 30, ONLINE Sale Dates
  • October 7 - Orders Due
  • November 2 - Product Pick-Up and Distribution Begins
  • November 21 - All Money is Due to Troop
  • November 29 - ACH Withdrawal for Total Amount Due
  • December 7 - Recognitions Distribution Begins

Let us know if you intend to participate. Thank you!

Here are the many Nuts and Candy products available for girls to sell this year.