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Nuts, Candy, Magazines & More

2017 Fall Product Program

Get ready to Unleash the Hero Inside! Be Fearless! with the 2017 Fall Product Program.  


This is a great way to earn startup funds for the troop and recognitions for the girls, while teaching important leadership skills.

This year, it is even easier to participate with in-person or online options, and extended online sale dates.

Girls and troops can choose to sell either in person or online, or BOTH.

  • They may sell nuts, candy and Project Share donation items via the traditional order card.
  • They also have the option to sell nuts and candy, magazines, “to remember this” keepsake products, tumblers (NEW) and organic vegetables (NEW) online.

Troops earn 12% (13% for opt out troops) of the selling price for each item sold in person and/or online.

NEW this year, we’re offering a Troop Bonus! Troops with total sales of $1,500 or more during the 2017 Fall Product Program will receive an additional $.02 per package sold during the 2018 Cookie Program!

2017 Fall Product Program Dates

  • September 29 – October 22: Order Card (In-Person)
  • September 29 – November 12: Online Sales
  • November 15: Fall Product Distribution Begins
  • December 4: Deadline for Girls to Deliver Nuts/Candy to Customers
  • December 12: Fall Product ACH from Troop Accounts

Girls use their proceeds for their Girl Scout activities, including community service projects. With your support, they make the world a better place.

Start your amazing Fall Product Program experience by completing your troop or individual participant intent form today.

Your Fall Product Forms and Resources