Girl Learning Opportunities

Growing Leadership Skills

Learning opportunities are a great way for you to expand your leadership skills, meet new friends, make a difference in the lives of younger Girl Scouts and have fun! If you are interested in working with younger girls in a troop, group or at camp, you should consider becoming a Program Aide, Program Aide Specialty or Counselor-in-Training!

Program Aide

As a certified Program Aide, you will have the opportunity to volunteer at day camps, council events or with a troop. Program Aides are prepared to lead songs, games, ceremonies and more with younger Girl Scouts!

To become a certified Program Aide, you must:
  1. Be a registered 6th grade or older Girl Scout Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador
  2. Attend a Program Aide learning session
  3. Work directly with Daisies, Brownies and Juniors through six different Program Aide experiences
A Program Aide certificate and t-shirt are awarded at end of the learning session. The Program Aide award pin is earned after completion of the six PA experiences.

Online registration for upcoming Program Aide sessions.

Program Aide Specialty

This is a follow-up learning opportunity to the Program Aide Learning and is for those who would like to enhance their leadership skills and become an even better Program Aide! Program Aides expand their skills, either learning more songs, games, crafts and ceremonies, or branching off into a new specialty, such as photography, science or nature.

Check back for Program Aide Specialty opportunities coming soon!

Counselor in Training

As a Counselor-in-Training, you will spend your time volunteering at any of our six wonderful camp locations across the state. If you love the outdoors and helping others, then this is the learning opportunity for you!

To become a certified Counselor-in-Training, a Girl Scout must:
  1. Be a registered Senior or Ambassador Girl Scout
  2. Be a certified Program Aide
  3. Attend a Counselor-in-Training Camp learning session
  4. Work directly with younger Girl Scouts through two Spirit of Nebraska camp experiences during two Spirit of Nebraska camp sessions (June through August). Each experience must include at least 2 days and 1 overnight.

A Counselor-in-Training t-shirt will be awarded at end of the camp learning session. The Counselor-in-Training award pin is earned after completion of the two camp experiences.

Check back for upcoming CIT camp sessions coming soon!