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How do I join Girl Scouts?

It’s easy. Simply click here. Did you know that you don’t have to be in a Girl Scout troop to become a Girl Scout? It’s true! If you want more information, contact us today.

When do Girl Scouts begin each year?

You can sign up to be a Girl Scout any time! Many troops are formed in the fall, but you are welcome to join when the time is right for you and you don’t have to be part of a troop to be a Girl Scout!

What ages are Girl Scouts?

Girls can participate in Girl Scouting beginning when they are in kindergarten and can be members all the way through high school graduation. Find out more by visiting our Grade Levels page.

Is the uniform required?

Girl Scouts are not required to have a uniform, but tunics, sashes and vests come in handy when girls proudly display their recognitions. Financial aid is available for uniforms for those who qualify.

Is financial aid available?

Yes! We are committed to ensuring that all girls who want to participate in Girl Scouting have the opportunity to do so. Financial aid is available for those who qualify for items such as national or troop dues, uniform pieces, books, programs, camps or trips.

Can girls go to camp if they are not in a troop?

Absolutely! Any girl can participate in Girl Scout activities, she will just pay the annual membership dues prior to attending. 

I would like to start a troop, where do I begin?

Begin by reaching out to our Member Support team! They will answer your questions and get you started down the right path. Thank you for your interest in building girls of courage, confidence and character.   

How much time will it take?

As a troop co-leader, you can decide how often your troop meets and in how many programs/events/activities your troop participates. It helps to have adult support members on board to lighten everyone’s load! It is such a rewarding experience; you will enjoy any and all of the time you spend with the girls.

Where do I send my pictures and stories?

We love photos of Girl Scouts exploring the world and making it a better place. Please send your high-resolution photos and stories with this form or call 402.779.8205 for instructions.

Are there additional volunteer opportunities?

Yes! There are many ways to volunteer beyond being a troop leader. We are seeking individuals who have talents or skills and the desire to encourage and empower girls. The process for becoming a volunteer varies depending on the position and includes a background screening when working directly with girls.

Where do I buy Girl Scout Cookies?

From a Girl Scout! Don’t know a Girl Scout? We can connect you to a volunteer and troop in your neighborhood. Visit our cookie pages and thank you for supporting Nebraska girls!