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BFF (Be a Friend First)

Girls are being bullied! They feel unsafe in their schools, on social media and amongst their peers.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute's, "The State of Girls (2014)," Nebraska ranks 12th (out of 50 states) in overall well-being of girls, but only 32nd for emotional health!

In response to the bullying epidemic, Girl Scouts of the USA developed the BFF curriculum for girls in middle school. Using the Girl Scout Amaze Journey, girls find their voice and discover ways that they are affected by and can prevent bullying behavior. 

Join our movement and help girls minimize adolescent bullying in Nebraska! If you are inspired to volunteer, think your school would be interested in empowering girls or want to support BFF with a donation, please contact us today!   

 BFF Curriculum (PDF)

Outcomes of BFF in Nebraska

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) is the foundation of BFF and what girls learn throughout the program. As you can see from this State of Nebraska Girl report, girls in our state need us now more than ever.

The objectives are to:

 Develop a strong sense of self

 Develop healthy relationships

 Resolve conflict

 Advocate for themselves and others

To quantify the impact on the objectives, we capture surveys prior to and after program participation.

Here are the outcome results of last year’s program. Girls...

  • Develop a strong sense of self
    - Pre survey achievement: 45%
    - Post survey achievement: 62%

  • Develop healthy relationships
    - Pre survey achievement: 58%
    - Post survey achievement: 70%

  • Can resolve conflict
    - Pre survey achievement: 43%
    - Post survey achievement: 73%

  • Educate and inspire others to act
    - Pre survey achievement: 21%
    - Post survey achievement: 74%

Thank you to the following BFF Supporters!

  • Roger’s Foundation (Lincoln and Lancaster County)
  • Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation (North Platte and surrounding areas)