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Our Outreach Troops

We believe every girl deserves access to the life-changing benefits of Girl Scouts! So we are changing lives by reaching out to the girls who need us most!

Each year, we provide the Girl Scouting experience to more than 3,000 Nebraska girls through our Community Outreach Program.

Community Outreach reaches girls, mostly from under-served parts of our cities and towns. Girl Scout Outreach activities are supported by council resources, and generous donors and volunteers.

The reality is that the population of girls, for whom this leadership experience is essential, is growing. Without the support of grant funding, public and private donations, and our dedicated outreach volunteers, we would not have the resources necessary to provide Girl Scouts to the girls who need us most.

We also hear from our volunteers that this experience has been a rewarding and enriching part of their lives. If you are interested in volunteering at an Outreach site, please send us an email.


Sites We Serve

To make it easy for you to see exactly where we provide Girl Scouting through our Community Outreach Programs, we created this map identifying each of our current sites.