Girl Scout Badges


What’s that? You’ve always wanted to…

Make your own movie, cook food from a different country, go geocaching, sleep under the stars, write a book of short stories, plant a garden?

Invent something new, paint a masterpiece, star in a play, take amazing nature photographs, make your bedroom into a jungle, run a business, go on an adventure trip?

Become an awesome babysitter,  sew yourself a dress,  build a wooden bench,  learn to play a musical instrument or design a website?

Great news! You can learn to do all these things and earn Girl Scout badges as you go. 

Check out our Badge Explorer to see a full display of every badge that you can earn as a Girl Scout.

Celebrating Spirituality and Faith

Earn the My Promise, My Faith pin, and strengthen the connection between your faith and Girl Scouts. You can find the requirements in The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting.

Other religious recognitions will help you grow stronger in and learn more about your chosen faith. These are created by national religious organizations and reinforce many of the values integral to Girl Scouting

Get Your Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting!

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