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Challenge Courses

Challenge Courses

Our challenge courses provide exciting team-building opportunities for groups and individuals to develop confidence, a collaborative spirit, and problem-solving skills. Led by Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) certified facilitators, activities are suitable for Girl Scout groups as well as churches, families, corporate groups, and sports teams.

Our low and high ropes courses at Camp Catron, Camp Cosmo, and Camp Maha presents fun and unique challenges. Don’t miss the chance to catch air at Catron – home of the heart-pounding Giant Swing and Flying Squirrel – or to fly high at Camp Crossed Arrows, home to the state and surrounding region’s first multi-station zip line tour! Be sure to check out the new Eugene's Adventure Course, where Girl Scouts and the public alike can test their bravery and skills among the treetops.

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Archery Range

Low Ropes

High Ropes
Zip Lines
Giant Swing
Flying Squirrel


Eugene's Adventure Course

Camp Catron is home to the new Eugene’s Adventure Course for Girl Scouts and the public alike to explore. The 16-element adventure course is nestled among the trees of Camp Catron, and its top level takes visitors to heights of about 35 feet. Read more about this exciting addition.

Soaring Hawk Zip Line Tour

Camp Crossed Arrows is home to Nebraska’s first zip line tour! Open to the public, the five-station Soaring Hawk zips riders across prairies and through the woods. Girl Scouts is excited to offer the Soaring Hawk to our members and thrill-seekers from across the region! Read more about the zip line tour.