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Service Units

Our council is divided into 79 service units. Service units are led by experienced, dedicated volunteers who support and serve girls, troops, and volunteers in their area and lead local recruitment efforts.

What Service Units Do

Service unit volunteers meet throughout the year to share ideas, receive training, and talk about important announcements. They also organize events like community-wide service projects, summer day camps, cookie rallies, celebrations, ceremonies, and more!

At the beginning of each membership year, many service units hold a Plan of Work meeting where team members start planning for the year.


Service Unit Roles

Our council’s service units are led by experienced volunteers who support troop leaders, other volunteers, and girls and do so in various roles:

Service Unit Manager

As the Service Unit Manager, you supervise all the volunteers in your service unit. By supporting the responsibilities of each volunteer role, you keep your service running like a well-oiled ship! Ultimately, your work results in amazing experiences for Girl Scouts in your geographic area.

Access to Looker

With the goal of providing more effective support to service units, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska is providing you with access to Looker, our new online membership reporting tool.  You will now have access to rosters, troop and member information, with near real-time access, so you can take advantage of having the information when you need it.

To gain access to Looker, please complete the following training and user agreement.

Recruitment Coordinator

As a Recruitment Coordinator, your efforts make it possible for girls in your community to be a Girl Scout. You organize events that get girls and families excited about Girl Scouts, allow them to speak to a person to help start the join process, and help them get ready for the new Girl Scout year. By recruiting adult volunteers and girls, you help us reach our membership goals—something we couldn’t do without you!

School Liaison

As a School Liaison, you’ll serve as the connection and advocate for Girl Scouts at the assigned school(s). This includes partnering with Council staff and volunteers to increase visibility and knowledge of the Girl Scout program with girls and parents at the school.

Event Coordinator
New Leader Mentor

As a New Leader Mentor, you help orient new troop leaders to their role. You are their local contact and, sometimes, the first Girl Scout volunteer they speak with. By being a new troop leader’s go-to person throughout the year, you make it easier for them to provide an amazing Girl Scout experience to girls.


As a Treasurer, you manage service unit finances and supervise troops in earning and managing their money. By properly managing finances, you take a lead role in modeling and teaching proper money management for troop leaders and girls.

Cookie/Fall Product Coordinator

As a Service Unit Cookie/Fall Product Coordinator, you mentor troop cookie managers in the winter and facilitate Nuts, Candy and Magazines within your service unit. By helping the girls in your service unit have successful sales, they’ll earn start-up funds and help girls develop essential life skills such as goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics! Duties and Responsibilities


As a Service Unit Delegate, you help shape and drive the governance of Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska. You are a voting member at the Annual Meeting and you serve as the primary communication between your local Girl Scout members, community networks, and Spirit of Nebraska’s Board of Directors. Alternate delegates are not voting members but take the primary delegate’s position should they resign.

Want to learn more about volunteering in a service unit role? Contact us today!


Service Unit Incentive Plan

To incent the service unit teams to accomplish membership goals for new and retained members in a way that ensures girls and adults have a fulfilling Girl Scout experience, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska is offering incentives to service units in the 2021-2022 membership year for specific results. See the documents below to get started!



GSUSA Webinars for Service Unit Volunteers

Welcome to Mission Connections! (Aug 2019)

We’re starting a webinar series for volunteers who support other volunteers!  We’ll tell you about plans for the series and little bit about your hosts, too!

Welcoming and Engaging New Leaders in Your Service Unit (Aug 2019)

We know that service units play a key role in ensuring that a new leader feels welcomed and supported. This webinar will give valuable tips and insight.

Providing Mission Delivery Support for New Leaders (Aug 2019)

This webinar will give specific ways that service units can provide programmatic support to new leaders.

World Thinking Day 2020 (Jan 2020)

Girl Scouts is part of a global movement. Learn more about World Thinking Day and the theme for 2020, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Planning a Great World Thinking Day (Jan 2020)

Join us to learn more about planning a great World Thinking Day celebration using the 2020 theme of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Global Action Award 2020 (Jan 2020)

Join us to learn more about the Global Action Award 2020, whose focus is on gender equity.

New Program Content

Learn more about the content added to the VTK in July of 2018 and 2019.

National Bridging Week (Feb 2019)

Join us to learn more about the National Bridging Week 2019.

Leading Effective Digital Meetings (April 2020)

This webinar will highlight the purpose of digital meetings, the pros and cons, preparation, maintaining engagement, hosting platforms, and more!

New Badge Rollout and Updates (July 2020)

During these webinars just for volunteers, you will hear ideas on how to support your volunteers as they get started, and how to partner with your council to get girls engaged with this new content and receive updates on volunteer resources. You will need to register to watch this recording